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Termite Treatment

Post Construction Termite Control

Termite Baits & Monitors : Huge advances have been made in the area of termite baits and monitors in the last decade. Termites have traditionally been difficult to poison. That’s because they are very perceptive at detecting a poison in their food. Early attempts by the scientists to lace blocks of wood or cardboard with poisons such as arsenic or boron were unsuccessful as these treated materials were rejected by the termites.

Termite Dusting : This method involves dust toxicants being blown gently through infested termite workings. The dust sticks to the damp skins of termites and spreads through the termite colony. It has the ‘potential’ to contaminate the Queen back in the nest and kill the entire colony.

Nest location : Some species of termite, especially the damaging ones, are single nesters which means they can migrate up to 100 metres from their nest in a nearby tree or log to infest a building.

Termite Control : Termites are known for their destructive effects on wooden structures, household furniture and constructions.

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